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This month has being so exciting with developments on the Small Supplier Food Safety System. Several large companies have approached us to assist with supplier development programmes which is exactly what we had in mind with this project. Look out for details of our Small supplier training workshops later in the year.



This month we tackle personnel hygiene in our food safety management system series. – Check it out.



The Blog launches this month – check it out.

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Interviewee - Hylton Cowie (Commercial Director)

Tell us a bit about your company
The company was started 34 years ago. Since its inception it has held the Philips franchise for Ultra-Violet and Infra-red lighting. In 2004 the company acquired a patent to sterilize indoor air. This was widely accepted by the medical fraternity as an effective barrier to prevent the spread of TB and protect Health Care workers and patients. Since then the company has been responsible for a number of innovations to sterilize surfaces and water in an environmentally friendly manner with no chemicals being utilized.

What are some of the products you have on offer?
We offer a range of products to sterilize indoor air in non centralized and centralized air conditioned environments
Providing a sterile environment. In addition, a range of products to sterilize surfaces. Also fruit and vegetable surfaces for extended shelf life.

Is there one particular product you would like to tell us more about?
We have a range of offerings which will assist in the extension of shelf life using a ultra-violet based vibrating feeder or soft roll system.
The system kills all viruses and extends the shelf life of all smooth fruits and vegetables.

How do you think your company contributes to a food safety system?
Reduced levels of bacteria with extended shelf life.
A safer system of food distribution.

What benefits would I get if I used your products?
Less product wastage, extended shelf life, increased profitability.



I have heard of several audits conducted by national certification bodies this month where the criteria for PRP’s was PAS 220:2008. In all cases the company was informed on the audit plan(they never read it properly...) but that is NOT the point.

This standard now is a new criteria for the audit which must be agreed with both parties BEFORE the audit. It represents a change in contract. without following the formal process this represents a potential breach in contract.

The reasons for using PAS 220 must also be considered. This standard has NOT yet been adopted as a national standard. It is ONLY a requirement if the company wants a FSSC 22000 certificate. ISO 22000 does NOT require a company to use PAS 220 either - go and read it. Paragraph 7.2.3 requires company to consider ALL relevant standards such as Codex, regulatory, codes of practice and customer requirements. The company must justify what they have used and why. Why should the certification body take that responsibility?

SANS 10330:2007 recommends the use of SABS 049 – no mention of PAS????

Can anyone tell me why we are going along with this???


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