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  • Health officials say about 150 people living in eight states have been sickened by Salmonella after attending a chili cook-off in Virginia. Dr. David Matson, director of the state’s Eastern Shore Health District, said by phone Wednesday that half of them have sought medical treatment. Some have been hospitalized. More than 2,000 people attended the... Continue Reading

  • Columbia Health officials have released the latest numbers on the Salmonella outbreak in Caldwell Parish. According to the Louisiana Dept. of Health, 125 people are now confirmed to have a gastrointestinal illness. This is up from just under 50 on Thursday afternoon. Of those cases, health officials say 37 people spent some time in the... Continue Reading

  • Live 5 News reports that Investigators say a laboratory test has confirmed that a substance a man sprayed on produce at a West Ashley Harris Teeter contained human feces and E. Coli contaminates. On Friday, law enforcement charged Pau Hang with tampering food products, and was given a $100,000 bond. This comes after he was... Continue Reading

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